Tripical Storm Isaac Threatens Gulf Costal Region (TX, LA, MS)

Tropical Storm Isaac, a storm originally intended to be a Florida and and East Coast Storm has made its way into the Gulf of Mexico over the weekend.  The storm is predicted to strengthen into a hurricane  early tomorrow morning and has the potential to become a Category 2 or 3 storm by landfall.

Since the monitoring of the storm, the forecast tracks have had a generally westward shift over the past week or so.  The current forecast shows the storm threatening Louisiana, Mississippi, and potentially the far East Texas Border regions.

Even though the National Hurricane Center has an official forecast track (shown below), their is still a large amount of uncertainty in the models, especially long term (36+ hours) due to the atmospheric conditions in the Gulf region.

Although a direct landfall is predicted to the East of the Houston/Galveston area, all in the Southeast Texas region should keep a close eye on this storm until it makes landfall due to forecast uncertainties.  At this time, major threats to our region can not be ruled out.

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