TS Alex Enters the Gulf

Well, as predicted, Tropical Storm Alex entered the Gulf this evening. The storm weakened to a tropical depression as it traveled over land the past 24 – 36 hours, however the 10PM report shows it has already regained to Tropical Storm strength after dropping from 2-10″ of rain on Mexico. Alex is moving WNW at 7 mph and maximum sustained winds are 45mph.

As it enters the Gulf further, it is forecast to continue to increase strength. Currently, most models and error cone are predicting the storm to take a sharp curve to the west toward Southern Texas or Northern Mexico, however some models do show it continuing further North. The question is how the low pressure trough will affect the storm (if any) as it moves southward Monday and Tuesday.

Again, as with all storms in the Gulf, it is to close for comfort. Stay informed and keep your tanks full!

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