8/17/09 0900 Tropics Update



Overnight Claudette moved inland over Western FL and is now been downgraded to a Tropical Depression (TD), it is currently predicted to continue its NW to NNW track over the next few days and further weaken as it moves further inland. Ana has also been downgraded to a TD and is continued to move on a NW track over the Caribbean and into the Gulf just W of FL in the next 3 days. This system is also expected to weaken, however we should keep a close watch on all storms that approach the Gulf. Bill has increased in strength and as of this morning is now a Cat 1 Hurricane. This system is predicted to continue to increase in strength into a major hurricane over the next few days. THE GOOD NEWS is that Bill is predicted to continue its current NW track up the East Coast and stay out to sea (for now). Current models show it getting no closer than 700 miles from land at this time. TTYL.

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