Update #1: Houston/Southeast Texas Flooding Situation

Through the overnight hours, a large portion of Harris and Fort Bend Counties was impacted with excessive rainfall.  Some areas receiving in excess of 11 inches falling on already saturated grounds.  This lead to extensive runoff in the watersheds across the area causing many to flow out of banks.

24hr Rainfall as of 1200hrs 5/26/15 (click for live map)
Source: Harris County Flood Control
Real-Time Traffic Map as of 1200hrs 5/26/25 (click for live map)
Currently the City of Houston has declared a local state of emergency.  Multiple fatalities have been reported.  Flooding to residential and commercial structures have occurred.  Transportation is limited across the area until the flood waters recede including some Interstate and State Highways.  Water rescues are being preformed across the region by multiple first response agencies. 
Source: DailyReportNow.com

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