Disturbance Currently in Gulf of Mexico

The threat for heavy rainfall and flooding continues for Southeast Texas through Wednesday. The disturbance off the Yucatan has entered the Gulf of Mexico and is still forecast to develop into a Tropical Depression or Tropical Storm in the next 48 hours. Currently there is a 90% chance of development forecast by the National Hurricane Center.
Regardless if the storm strengthens into a Tropical Depression or Storm before it makes landfall, models still show the risk of 5-10 inches of rainfall across the Southeast Texas Region over the next few days with some isolated ares seeing upwards of 15+ inches dependent on where the storm makes landfall.
In addition the the rainfall we are forecast the see elevated tides through Wednesday morning in the Galveston and Madagorda Bay region with coastal surge flooding of 1-2 ft above ground level associated with the event. At this heights some coastal roads may go underwater and limit transportation in coastal areas such as Bolivar Peninsula. A voluntary evacuation of the peninsula has already been issued by authorities.
Stay tuned for future updates.

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