Hurricane Harvey Update – Extreme Rain and Flooding Setup for Southeast Texas

Harvey is now a Category 1 hurricane and is expected to make landfall as a Catagory 3 storm.

Although we are expected to see tropical storm force winds (35+ mph) the major threat to our area is still expected to be torrential rainfall.

The latest rainfall model runs just keep going up with the indications that Harvey will essentially stall over our area. The latest precipitation forecast (QPF) is now showing upwards of 20 inches of rain across the region through at least Monday, maybe longer.

This amount of rainfall can lead to major flooding near bayous and rivers as they will overflow their banks as the water moves down stream. Street flooding is also extremely likely as drainage systems aren’t designed to handle that capacity of water at one time.

Continue to prepare your family to be self sufficient for at least 7 days (which is a preparedness goal you should shoot for anyways) as you may be “on an island” and unable to make it out to the store.

We can expect to start seeing rainfall from Harvey in our area starting tomorrow night with tropical storm force winds as well.

Settle down Southeast Texas, it is going to be an extremely wet next few days.

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